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Why We Should Strive for Health and Vitality

“Isn’t it obvious?” you might be saying. Maybe. But I’ve been thinking about this more just lately, and I have some thoughts.

Recently I came across a couple of quotes which struck me.

The first was the following:

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest itself, strength cannot fight,
wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” -

The second quote was this:

“Vitality shows not only in the ability to persist, but the ability to start over.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

As I move into my mid-60’s, mortality is more frequently on my mind. Our older children are becoming middle-aged, and our older grandchildren, teenagers (my wife was still a teenager when we married.) Where did the time go? We have been blessed with good health most of our lives, but looking at the daily obituaries reminds me that things can change quickly at our age.

I want to enjoy seeing my grandchildren grow up and have their own children. I also have things I wish to yet accomplish in this life. Generally, this will require a measure of health and vitality. But they are not the same thing.

If we are not currently sick or have no apparent disease process going on, we probably consider ourselves healthy. Poor health can, at the very least, preoccupy the mind and weaken the body, making the enjoyment of life more difficult.

Vitality is a different thing. It is, I believe, what used to be termed a “good constitution.” Our fore-parents and grandparents worked harder, ate food closer to the land, and probably lived a less hectic life (less stress) than we do. In spite of a lack of modern medicine many of them had a hardy constitution…vitality.

Even if you currently seem to be enjoying good health, a proper diet and the right exercise routine is still necessary to maintain or increase vitality. If injury or illness should befall you vitality will give “the ability to persist,” and if need be, “the ability to start over.”

So, how do we insure that we have the reserves to deal with the curves life will inevitably throw us?

If you’ve read much that I’ve written previously, you know that I advocate a specific exercise program; one that is effective but doesn’t take much time. Along with a reasonably healthful diet it is just about the most important thing baby boomers must consider.

Dr. Jim Spaulding is a full-time practicing chiropractor of 37 years. He has written numerous articles on the subject of diet and exercise.

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