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Strength and Stamina: Hallmarks of a Healthy Life

Most of us in the 40+ year bracket are not exercising consistently. If you are like me, you have started and given up on an exercise program more than a few times in the past.

We must, however, face the fact that exercise is necessary for health and vitality, especially past the age of 40. It’s a quality-of-life issue at this stage of life. Baby-boomers (ages 46-67…or so) who do not exercise are almost certainly more at risk for heart-attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, and immune-deficiency diseases.

Forget about solely exercising to lose weight (fat). Fat loss is another subject entirely (and very important one I might add.) Concentrate, instead, on exercise for health’s sake, with the purpose of developing greater strength and stamina. These are two crucial hallmarks of a healthy life as we enter and live out our senior years, and they are the two things that many baby-boomers are lacking.

Think of exercise as a two-part process. One part stresses the musculo-skeletal side of things, the other stresses the aerobic side (or cardio as it is frequently referred to these days.)

Stressing the musculo-skeletal system produces increased muscle volume and stronger bones.


By stressing the vascular system, aerobically, we develop a healthier heart (which has to pump less hard) and more resilient blood vessels (leading to lower blood pressure.) A more efficient vascular system gets more oxygen to vital areas of the body, including the heart itself, the brain, all the other major organs, and the extremities.


Increased strength and stamina allows us to accomplish more, with less fatigue and discomfort.

Do you feel rundown? Do you have less initiative than you once had? Exercise!

You may be thinking, I know Jim is right, but this is going to require a lot more time and effort than I am able to muster at this point in my life. You may be thinking that…but you would be wrong! What you need is a simple, effective system that conserves time, is cost-efficient, and doesn’t leave you worn-out, feeling deprived, aching and/or injured.

Think about it. What has kept you from following through on this before? I’m betting one or more of the following: time, money, fatigue, hunger or pain.

I am not going to try to convince you that gaining and maintaining health and vitality is easy and cost-free. Nothing worth having is easy and without some cost. I’m just saying that it’s not as hard as you think.

Dr. Jim Spaulding is a full-time practicing chiropractor of 37 years. He has written numerous articles on the subject of diet and exercise.

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