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A Disturbing Trend: Type-2 Diabetes

According to a national survey there is a strong trend toward rising rates of Type-2 diabetes. Type-2 (often referred to as adult-onset) diabetes is occurring not only at higher rate than 20 years ago, but in a younger population.   

How is Type-2 different from Type-1 diabetes? Type-1 (juvenile) diabetes is genetic in nature, and not thought to be caused by diet and lifestyle. It is incurable, but controllable.         

Type-2 is a different story. Not only is it preventable, but it is frequently reversible. The development of Type-2 is a process over time, and can have devastating consequences for overall health if not dealt with seriously. This is how that process usually progresses:

We grow up consuming a diet high in carbohydrates. When I use the term carbohydrate I am speaking primarily of the evil twins, sugar and flour.  Sugar includes, of course, the white stuff on your table and in the big canister marked with an ‘S’, but also honey, and corn and maple syrups. It also includes other more natural forms of sugar like fruit (fructose) and milk (lactose,) but to a lesser extent.  Flour is predominantly wheat, whole or refined, but does include other grains. “Wait a minute,” you might be saying to yourself, “you’ve just uncovered a big part of my diet.” Yeah, I know, and this must change if you want to get and remain healthy.  Sugar and flour products raise the level of glucose in our system, which in turn causes increased insulin to be released and circulate. Simply put, insulin causes fat to be stored. The more insulin we produce the more fat is deposited and stored, which means…

We become grossly overweight (obese is such an ugly word) often at a young age. When we adults see all the “roly-poly” kids these days we are quick to blame video and computer games. It’s not so much, however, the lack of activity (this is another problem perhaps) but the Twinkies and Doritos consumed during those many hours that are “packing the pounds” on the little urchins. Of course many of us were in our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s when our waistlines grew to unwanted proportions (belly-fat is worst kind of fat.) As statistics continue point to rising rates of obesity, the rates of type-2 diabetes are rising as well.    Excess poundage leads to loss of energy, and then…

We do tend to become more sedentary. All those extra pounds knock the stuffing right out of us. You know it’s true. Add this to the fact that as we age we naturally lose lean muscle mass and we can find ourselves on a vicious cycle leading to progressively poor health, further loss of vitality, and often, unfortunately…

We end up with adult-onset diabetes. The pancreas has its limits. Years of dietary abuse (the sugar and flour-laden menu that has become part of our culture,) fosters a downward spiral of metabolic and hormonal chaos which often leads to the inevitable. 

There is hope, and the prescription for the ‘way out’ is not complicated. Health and vitality has always been, primarily, a matter of what you eat and how you move.  

What you eat. Here’s the formula that will transform the way you feel and rid you of the fat that is dragging you down. No sugar and no flour. I said it was uncomplicated, not easy! I have personal experience with this formula and it truly works. I recently was introduced, by a few patients of mine, to a program called Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA.). FA is providing help not just for obesity, but for all kinds of food obsession, including under-eating and bulimia. Want to know what it boils down too? Yep. No sugar and no flour. I know…there’s also the accountability aspect and all.  I’m not going to downplay that. As a testimony of the effectiveness of this program, one of these individuals has lost in excess of 100 pounds, another over 50.    In one case, full-blown Type-2 diabetes was reversed.

How you move. For many years I bought into the idea that I needed to exercise to lose weight. I’m sorry, I’ve done it all and none of it helped me lose the pounds I wanted. I can hear some of you out there saying “Jim, you just didn’t exercise enough!” First of all I hate to exercise. Hey, I’m sixty-something as well! I have bad knees, so running is out of the picture.   Secondly, I’m busy. I don’t have time for a long and involved exercise regimen. Seriously, the only thing hours and hours of exercise did for me was make me tired, grumpy, and (most of all) hungry. Having said that, I am going to tell you that you must exercise for health’s-sake. My exercise program, for over 2 years now, consists of 2 days of aerobic exercise (on the stationary bike,) and 2 days of weight training (on resistance weight machines) on alternate days. None of my sessions at the gym take more than 20 minutes. With proper warm-up and cool-down times, I barely exercise an hour and a half per week. All I needed was a program I could live with and stick with for the long-term.   

I have more energy and stamina than I did 15 years ago.    I credit this to my diet and the consistency of my two-fold exercise program.    I believe you can chart a different course for your health and life as well.

Dr. Jim Spaulding is a full-time practicing chiropractor of 37 years. He has written numerous articles on the subject of diet and exercise.

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