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Breaking the "Vicious Cycle" of Aging Baby Boomers

We really don’t know all that much about the aging process – except, of course, that it is inevitable. What we are finding out, however, is quite surprising. Are we finding out how to live longer? Not really, but we are finding that it is possible, with a few lifestyle changes, to live better – that is healthier – in the years that we do have.

You’ve probably already looked at the above diagram, and that’s good, because it is essentially a summary of this article. This is what we know. The muscle wasting phenomenon known as sarcopenia actually starts in our 30’s. Sarcopenia is a natural and progressive loss of skeletal muscle mass, strength and endurance as we age. If you are over 35, especially if you have not been a regular exerciser, you know that you are losing strength. This becomes much more apparent as we get into our mid-60’s because the process speeds up significantly at that point.

Skeletal muscle is intimately involved with metabolism (setting the body’s metabolism rate.) If we lose muscle mass and maintain caloric intake, we gain fat, especially abdominal or belly-fat. Excess belly-fat leads to insulin resistance, the inability to effectively metabolize blood sugar. This, in turn, leads to a higher risk of a condition known as metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome, loosely, involves changes in lipid levels (including cholesterol and triglycerides,) high blood pressure, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries,) and increased risk of blood clots…all the things that can lead to serious health reversals such as heart attack and stroke.

It gets worse. All of the things in this evil cycle affect one another. Aging leads to sarcopenia, and sarcopenia promotes the aging process. Sugar handling problems also affect how lipids (fats) are handled, and excess fat contributes to insulin resistance (a sugar-handling problem.) Cardiovascular problems lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which leads to further muscle wasting. And Chronic Low-grade Systemic Inflammation is related aging, obesity, cardiovascular disease, Type-II and diabetes. Catch the drift here?

That’s the bad news.

There is some good news.

All of these nasty and unfortunate things in the “Vicious Cycle” are strongly related to inactivity (lack of exercise.) Regular exercise, and moderate changes in diet, can significantly slow, and possibly even reverse, the course of this downhill slide…at any age! Obviously, the sooner an individual recognizes this, the better.

Good health has always been, to a great extent, a function of what we eat, and how we move.

I am a practitioner of moderation in what I eat and drink. I am also committed to a particular type of exercise routine which utilizes high-intensity, short-duration, and low-volume work-outs.

Regular exercise helps protect against every aspect of the “Vicious Cycle”.

If you are in your 30’s or 40’s now is the time to take control of your future health and vitality.

If you are a baby-boomer, or older, it’s not too late. Resolve today to chart a different course for yourself. I’m telling you that it’s easier than you think.

Dr. Jim Spaulding is a full-time practicing chiropractor of 37 years. He has written numerous articles on the subject of diet and exercise.

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