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The Top Ten Things That Determine Health and Longevity

The state of our health, and thus our longevity, is actually determined by relatively few things.

  1. Heredity. Knowing your family health history and not ignoring the implications is crucial. My 86 year-old mother has had diverticulitis and skin cancer. My dad’s side of the family is rife with diabetes and respiratory problems. I ignore these facts to my possible detriment. There are, however, limits to what I can do about any of this, because heredity is heredity.

  2. Illness and injury. Here again, in general, we pretty much have to live with the effects these outside forces have inflicted on our bodies.

  3. Environment. We normally don’t get to choose the environment we grow up in. Later in life we probably have some choices. We may not have to live or work, for instance, where we believe the environment might be hurting us.

  4. Stress. Much of the stress of life is out of our control. How we react to stress is another matter.

  5. Sleep. Our aging bodies need the rejuvenation a consistently good night’s sleep gives us.

  6. Work. By work I don’t mean, necessarily, a job. I do mean purpose and accomplishment. People who retire, for instance, and have no purpose in life but to sit in their rocking chairs and watch the world go by are asking for trouble.

  7. Relaxation. All work, and no play…well, you know.

  8. Breathing. Our culture doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on breathing techniques for the promotion of health and longer life. The literature, however, is interesting, and more or less convincing, that we need to pay more attention to this aspect of life.

  9. Diet. Of the things we can control, what we eat is #1 on my list for maintenance of health and longevity. This past year and a half have changed my thinking and my life in a significant way. The truth about diet is counter-intuitive. It’s not calories in-calories out, it turns out, but simply which calories (good or bad) we take in.

  10. Exercise. I am convinced that how we move constitutes a huge part of the quality of life, health and longevity. Much of the current wisdom concerning exercise could actually have a negative effect on our lives, however. The truth about exercise, like that of diet, is also counter-intuitive. Less is better than more.

There are probably other things you might think of, but 10 is always a good number for any list.

Dr. Jim Spaulding is a full-time practicing chiropractor of 37 years. He has written numerous articles on the subject of diet and exercise.

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