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Do You Have Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation?

The acute inflammatory response is what the normal, healthy body does when confronted with trauma, infection or allergy.   It is short term, it is normal, and it is necessary for our survival. The result of the acute inflammatory response is to repair damage done to the tissues of the body. Essentially, it is the body trying to do what it was intended to do…heal itself.

Chronic inflammation results when the normal acute response is not turned off. When inflammation persists it is usually considered to be a sign of chronic infection somewhere in the body. Asthmatics are familiar with chronic inflammation, as are many arthritics, those with long-term sinusitis, and those suffering with dermatitis.

It is very interesting, although disturbing, that chronic inflammation is now being linked to cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Type II diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

What causes chronic inflammation? Would it surprise you to learn that it is strongly associated with smoking? I didn’t think so. I am certain that many environmental and work place factors contribute heavily. Some are implicating processed foods as well. No surprises here.   

Research suggests that obesity may be the single greatest influence on chronic inflammation. Not all fat is created equal, however. We know that excess belly-fat, that deep visceral fat surrounding our vital organs, is implicated in all sorts of chronic illnesses. I have suggested, elsewhere, that in fact there is a vicious cycle going on in many of our bodies. This is a cycle that must be broken, as early in life as possible, by gaining control over what we eat and how we move. In other words, the only two ways to reduce this noxious fat (other than liposuction I guess) is through diet and exercise. Your eyes are glazing over aren’t they? These well-worn terms (diet and exercise) make us crazy and riddled with guilt. Why?    Because we all know how important they are, and yet most of us lack the will to take control of our lives in these areas.

Let me state this differently.  

We have power over one of the greatest likely sources of present and future ill health in our lives and yet we seem powerless to do anything about it.

I am convinced that two main factors generally stand in our way of achieving success in the realm of exercise specifically.    One is inconvenience. We start out with good intentions, but life gets in the way. If we don’t develop a habit of exercising regularly, for instance, we just won’t stick with it for long. Time is the enemy. Few of us will stick with a program that siphons off hours of time per week…every week.

The other crucial factor standing in our way of success where exercise is concerned is discomfort. Baby boomers, particularly, are prone to muscle and joint pain with exercise. Aging leads to degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis), especially if we have been injured earlier in life (who hasn’t?) Exercise can be really uncomfortable.

The diet part of this equation is easier to deal with, in one sense, but can also be inconvenient and uncomfortable.

So, once we are convinced (I hope you are) that exercise and proper diet is crucial for long-term boomer health and vitality, we simply need to find an effective program that minimizes the inconvenience and discomfort. 

Dr. Jim Spaulding is a full-time practicing chiropractor of 37 years. He has written numerous articles on the subject of diet and exercise.

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