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Stop Pedaling the Vicious Cycle of Aging

Let’s boil it all down. If you want to age well and be well, you must do two things.

1. Eat the right things

2. Exercise the right way

That’s it! Okay, maybe you need a few other things. You need a consistently good night’s sleep. You need to be taking good, whole-food supplements. You really shouldn’t smoke cigarettes, drink to excess, or take recreational drugs…but you knew that.

So let’s talk about the stuff we eat.

Dietary sugar, in all its forms, will put you on the vicious cycle of aging faster than just about anything else. Sugar (carbohydrates,) you are no doubt aware, commonly leads to a serious health issue called type 2 diabetes. But sugar can potentially do a lot more damage…a lot more. Sugar is inflammatory to the system, and chronic low-grade inflammation is behind every disease associated with aging. This includes, but is not limited to, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries,) cerebrovascular accident (stroke,) arthritis, and early dementia.

Sugar drastically raises the circulating level of insulin in your blood, and insulin is the primary regulator of fat metabolism in the body. Without going into great detail here, insulin encourages the storage of fat in fat cells and works to create new fat cells when existing ones are “full”. In-other-words, it makes us fat! Accumulation of fat, especially around the middle, is common in middle-age, but it can become downright dangerous if allowed to “stick around.”

What do I mean by eating the right things? Mainly, I mean avoiding the things that make us fat; sugar, in all its forms, and flour products (breads and pasta.) Most fruit and fruit juices, and even some vegetables, like potatoes and carrots are high in the in thing that raises insulin and puts the pound on…carbohydrates.

Please don’t cry.

As important as getting the pounds (fat) off is, it’s not the only thing. We need to discuss the exercise that is necessary for health maintenance.

You might as well forget exercising to lose weight. It doesn’t work.

The only way to lose the fat is to stop eating the stuff that makes us fat. So why bother to exercise?

As we age we naturally tend to lose lean muscle mass. This is why we can gain fat, but not gain weight. This is also why people tend to shrink.

We also lose stamina. Partly this is due to loss of strength (because of the loss of muscle mass,) and partly it’s due to a decrease in good general circulation. Decreased circulation means decreased oxygen to all tissues of the body. This includes the heart itself, the brain, the rest of our vital organs, and our muscles.

The right kind of exercise will increase stamina because it will strengthen skeletal muscle, and get more oxygen to the heart and lungs. Hate to exercise? Me too, so I do the minimum I can do, for the greatest results.

Dr. Jim Spaulding is a full-time practicing chiropractor of 37 years. He has written numerous articles on the subject of diet and exercise.

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